Why This Site?

[VPC-SALE]Question: Why put up a web site for a park?
Answer: Short answer – it had never been done in London!

Question: Where did the idea come from?
Answer:  Virtual Edge Communications created a web site www.WhiteSquirrels.ca featuring the White Squirrels of Exeter Ontario Canada in June 2002. Currently that site is getting 100 to 200 hits a day. For more on the White Squirrel story please visit – Do White Squirrels Really Exist?. Ric Wallace designed a white squirrel pin for sale in Exeter and on the web site. A great deal of time was spent attaching the pins to business cards with the web site address on it. The idea was that every purchaser of the squirrel pin would visit the site. Some people complained that the web site was a “whites only site” (white squirrels). To dispel any racism claims, a pin of a black squirrel was designed and since Victoria Park in London has a large black squirrel population it was the ideal connection to the black squirrel pin. As a marketing idea, the pin is for sale with a web address on it. In turn making money directly off our advertising. The City of London was approached to ensure there were no objections to using the name of the park as a web site and producing souvenirs promoting the park and the city. The only condition was to refrain from using the city’s corporate logo and to include the following disclaimer on our site: “This is NOT the official City of London, Ontario web site.”

The City of London has the slogan “The Forest City” which is a great connection to one of Victoria-Park.com’s slogans – “Squirrels are the best things to grow on trees.”

The Black Squirrels Of London, Ontario CANADA

Question: How many tax dollars were put into this site?
Answer: Zero – $0.00feeding-time

Question: How can this benefit the City of London?
Answer: The park is the focus of many events, and the World Wide Web can help boost tourism which can turn into money for local businesses and charities.

Question: Should the City of London adopt a rodent as their mascot?
Answer: The creator of this site sees the Black Squirrels of Victoria Park as “goodwill ambassadors” for the city. They are friendly and will often come up to visitors in the park. We would like the city to adopt “Vicky” and “Albert” as official mascots.

Question: What value other than just money does this site have?
Answer: The trivia section can help educate; the protect our park page can help reduce vandalism, create city pride, showcase the efforts of our parks department and encourage people to help put litter in its place.

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A Lucky Black Squirrel (Lottery Charm®) pin was used to hold the winning grand prize ticket for the lottery (previously known as Dream Of A Lifetime Lottery) on a corkboard in the office of LotteryCharms.com® creator Ric Wallace.

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Question: I love squirrels. Do you have any other squirrel sites?
Answer: WhiteSquirrels.ca -Exeter Ontario Canada
We also help Squirrel Sanctuary in Westbury , New York
This site is maintained from beautiful White Rock Beach, BC – 3 time zones away.

Lucky & Sugar-toes White Rock Beach mascots.

Question: Can the Victoria-Park pin be used as a lucky charm?
Answer: Squirrels have long been associated with gathering and accumulating…like in this saying, “Squirreling away some money.”


London’s 10th Dream Of A Lifetime dream home lottery was won by attaching the winning ticket to a corkboard in 2004.

Lucky Sean won second prize on Lotto MAX in 2010 worth $409,014.60.

Read more on this research – CLICK HERE

TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life came to London, Ontario CANADA from the USA to film the Victoria Park Lottery Squirrels in 2010 and used in the Squirrel Millionaire segment of the show Country Millionaire Season 3 – Episode 3.


There are no mystical powers to any Lottery Charm® found on this site; the power is in the belief you put into them. Disclaimer: We are giving personal experiences and do NOT guarantee any winnings – gamble only what you can afford to lose. If you do not break for squirrels in your car and hurt one – BAD LUCK will follow (sorry just repeating what the squirrel in the above photo said)!