HAPPY Victoria Day 2016 Long Weekend – CANADA




Alarm Stickers
ALARM STICKERS in  6-packs, 10-packs, 15-packs & 30-packs, which is enough to give door an window protection for an small sized homes, larger homes, cottages, or businesses. *The name appearing on the stickers has been censored to prevent would-be thieves looking for a particular name. **The stickers are white and blue and do not pulsate; the above image is for illustration purposes only*


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My Mom received your Lucky Coin in the mail yesterday. She told me that she was “overwhelmed” with excitement upon opening your “White Rock Lucky Coin® V3.0 ” letter!

I took her to her favorite restaurant yesterday for dinner. We stopped at a local variety store and she purchased one scratch ticket because she had to use your Lucky Coin® for the first time. She scratched and won using your Lucky Coin® — $20 dollars! Now she’s good for a week of coffee and scratch tickets daily.

Thank you very much for making her day and putting a beaming smile on her face!!!

I know she will be thinking about you every day when she uses your special Lucky Coin® / Lottery Charm®!

A few days later

Lightning strikes twice for my Mom and she won $50 on a crossword scratch ticket using your Lucky Coin®

– Received from the son of Lucky Mary in London, Ontario CANADA