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These are one-of-a-kind good luck charms, and their power lies in the belief of those who hold them. With the website using the slogan “The Luckiest Place on the West Coast”, these Lucky Coins are ideal keepsakes. The sight of a large single 486-ton white rock on a beach is a rare find, and when something is rare, it is often associated with LUCK. The Lucky Squirrel Scratcher®/Lucky Coin® V1.0, V2.0 & V3.0 are ideal for scratching instant tickets or keeping in your pocket for LUCK. We also sell a keychain version of these Lucky Coins, so it’s always as handy as your keys.lucky-clover

Will these coins bring you LUCK?

If you don’t have them, you’ll never know… 4leaf[1]

Captain Lucky’s – Bag of 3 Lucky Coins – NOW ON SALE!
These are some of the current White Rock Beach & area Bag of 3 Lucky Coins retailers:
  1. - Buy Online - We ship worldwide
  2. Mr White Rock - 604-259-0105 - Purchase directly from Ric Wallace - VISA, MasterCard (using WiFi & square device) or Cash
  3. White Rock Pharmacy, 102 – 1440 George St., White Rock BC V4B 4A3

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 width= Easy-to-use tools for every little thing. From mobile point-of-sale tools and online invoicing to next-day deposits and inventory management, Square has everything you need to run your business anywhere. Virtual Edge Communications uses this COOL device to process charge card payments as well as document cash sales. We can use this on our iPad, Mini iPad or iPod (we do not have an iPhone). If you sell products or services, you can boost your sales by offering to accept charge cards. whiterockbeach-gallery-02 We use the Square device to accept sales at The White Rock Beach Gallery - Waterfront Promenade Gallery. Want to see how simple this Square is to use? Come to White Rock Beach and if we are set up, buy some postcards, greeting cards, magnets or canvas prints and we will show you how simple it is to use and email you a receipt, saving the trees for the squirrels or postcards. LOLWRBG-01LC-2014-AD-01-500A Lucky Black Squirrel (Lottery Charm®) pin was used to hold the winning grand prize ticket for the lottery (previously known as Dream Of A Lifetime Lottery) on a corkboard in the office of® creator Ric Wallace.

HAPPY Victoria Day 2016 Long Weekend – CANADA





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My Mom received your Lucky Coin in the mail yesterday. She told me that she was “overwhelmed” with excitement upon opening your “White Rock Lucky Coin® V3.0 ” letter!

I took her to her favorite restaurant yesterday for dinner. We stopped at a local variety store and she purchased one scratch ticket because she had to use your Lucky Coin® for the first time. She scratched and won using your Lucky Coin® — $20 dollars! Now she’s good for a week of coffee and scratch tickets daily.

Thank you very much for making her day and putting a beaming smile on her face!!!

I know she will be thinking about you every day when she uses your special Lucky Coin® / Lottery Charm®!

A few days later

Lightning strikes twice for my Mom and she won $50 on a crossword scratch ticket using your Lucky Coin®

– Received from the son of Lucky Mary in London, Ontario CANADA